2024-05-23 2:34 PM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Cool Gadgets

 Slingbox & Duct Tape Wallet


$159.99 from Amazon.com

Want to watch the local news in Hawaii? Not a problem. This device shoots whatever’s on your tube at home through the Internet to any computer or cellphone in the world. Setup is simple; link the Slingbox to your existing cable box and home network. To watch TV in a remote location, fire up the included software on your computer and use the simulated remote control to flip channels, just like you do at home. TV junkies will never suffer separation anxiety again. Best of all: There’s no monthly subscription or other recurring fees.


Duct Tape Wallet By Ducti

$14.99 from Thinkgeek.com

Few things compare to the sticky, steel gray grip of quality duct tape. Now that powerful force for good and utilitarian repair can be taken everywhere, courtesy of this manly fashion accessory. The wallet is made from extra-tough tape that’s not sticky and won’t peel. It’s guaranteed to last as long as most relationships. Available in two styles, bifold and trifold, each is worthy of a place in your favorite computer programmer or IT professional’s back pocket.





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