2024-06-24 7:42 PM

Jody’s Jam of the Week: Floydfest

Six hours away from Falls Church , down I-81, is a little town called Floyd . If Falls Church can be described as small, then Floyd is down right microscopic. With a population of just about 450 people, one-stoplight, two blocks, and the fact that four of ‘em could fit inside the City of F.C., to say Floyd is a sleepy town, I think, is fair. However, when the end of July rolls around, all things change in this southern Virginia town, when FloydFest brings in bands and people from all over for their annual world music festival. Bluegrass , folk, reggae, Cajun, jam, old-time, afrobeat and other genres will be belted out on the Hill Holler, Dreaming Creek and Global stages as people jam, rock or just plain, mellow out to the melodious tunes. Headlining FloydFest ‘06 “Roots Alive!” is Railroad Earth, fresh off the release of their live album, Elko. Other bands scheduled to perform include Los Lobos, Cyro Baptista & Beat The Donkey, Donna The Buffalo, Eddie from Ohio , Drew Emmitt Band, and many, many more.


What: FloydFest ‘06 “Roots Alive!”

When: Thursday, July 27 – Sunday, July 30

Where: Floyd , VA 24091

Cost: $40-$115 (for single day, through four-day passes)

See www.floydfest.com for directions, tickets and other info for directions, tickets and other info


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