2024-06-14 12:43 PM

Tennessee Williams Lives on Stage in Crystal City

Tennessee Williams’ “Small Craft Warnings,” now being performed through May 10 at Crystal City’s Clark Street Playhouse by the Washington Shakespeare Company, is one of Williams’ most self-revealing works, a gritty, unyielding pastiche of raw nerves and downtrodden lives taking place in a beach-side dive bar. The current staging of the seldom-performed work is fully […]

Anything But Straight: The Distortions of James Dobson


It is remarkable that Focus on the Family’s James Dobson would accuse anyone of “distortions” considering his ignoble record. But, that is exactly what the right wing ideologue did this week when he said on his daily radio show that democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama distorted the Bible.

F.C. Financial Future Rides on City Center, Snyder Says

Responding to action by the Falls Church Planning Commission Tuesday to recommend against the adoption of five ordinances required to implement the large-scale Atlantic Realty City Center project, City Councilman David Snyder contacted the News-Press yesterday to issue the following statement: “The Planning Commission raised and considered some very important issues. It did important work. […]

Nicholas F. Benton: In the Name of Religion, Part 2

The founding of the United States and ratification of its Constitution were critical turning points in the history of humankind’s development on the planet. It moved the species beyond government by arbitrary authority, secured through religious superstition and coercion, to one grounded in secular virtue, reason, compassion and justice.