2024-07-15 7:39 AM

Nicholas F. Benton: Ted Kennedy

News like that about Sen. Ted Kennedy last week comes like a kick in the solar plexus. It stops everything dead in its tracks. All the jockeying, all the bickering of political and personal lives is put on hold and a deep collective sob is heard issued forth from every mere mortal.

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Fifth Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration, Alden Theatre at the McLean Community Center, 1234 Ingleside Ave., McLean, Sunday, Jan. 20, 3 to 5 p.m.

Anything But Straight: Learning the Hardaway

Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington called a co-star a faggot and ended up in rehab, while former basketball star Tim Hardaway said he hated homosexuals and now his career as an ex-jock pitchman is on a cold slab. This will be remembered as the year the F-word became the new N-word and homophobic comments were […]


Shakespeare without the words. There are two opportunities to experience this during the opening stages of the Shakespeare in Washington festival this month. One is the production of Prokofiev’s “Romeo and Juliet” by the Kirov Ballet at the Kennedy Center this weekend. The other is the longer-running production of “Macbeth” by the Synetic Theatre Company […]

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Classified Ads are $20 for up to 20 words per ad. Each additional word costs 50 cents. Boldfaced words are an additional $1 per word. To add a box around your ad costs $10. The first three words of each add are bold in ALL CAPS. Please fill out the form below to submit a […]

A Covert U.S. Military Role?

Nicholas F. Benton

  Nicholas F. Benton Dwarfing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s struggle with linguistics in an attempt to cloak the reality of civil war in Iraq, the current monstrous obscenity taking place in Lebanon now raises questions about the use of this word, “terrorist.” We can’t help, also, but to wonder how active, if covert, is U.S. […]