2024-05-25 12:28 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Picking Splinters: Just Say

In my mind, everyone in the sports world who loves the game of football would like nothing more than for Bill Belichick to stand behind a microphone and take responsibility for the spy camera fiasco that has grabbed headlines since the first Sunday of the 2007 season. To this point, and dare I say, moving […]

Restaurant Spotlight: Super Pollo


With a name like Super Pollo, I had high expectations. This rather large Peruvian eatery surprised me with its spacious and festive décor. The walls are decked with brightly colored paintings that celebrate South American culture and cuisine. The limited interaction that I had with the staff working behind the counter of what is pretty […]

Anything But Straight: I

The super bomb of the Super Bowl was the blatantly homophobic Snickers ad that aired in the first quarter of the game. It began with two homely male mechanics fixing a car while under the hood. One plucks a Snickers out of his pocket and starts to devour it, while his friend longingly watches. Unable […]

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Picking Splinters: For Race Relations, Superbowl XLI Just a Minor Mark

There are two black head football coaches in this year’s Super Bowl, thereby insuring that, for the first time ever, a team with an African American head coach will win the Super Bowl. Forgive me if I think that by applauding that achievement we’re missing the point of advancing race relations altogether.