2024-06-12 11:02 PM

Our Man In Arlington

The immigration “debate” that seems to be growing in this country and throughout Virginia has many disquieting overtones. The most obvious, of course, are the thinly veiled expressions of deep racial and ethnic prejudice. These are strongly and heatedly denied, but I grew up in the Deep South in the forties and fifties and I […]

Restaurant Spotlight: Orleans House


Orleans House, an Arlington dining staple for over five decades, will be closing its doors this coming January 15th, so if you haven’t already I strongly, strongly, STRONGLY recommend you make a lunch or dinner reservation and get your butt over there before then. Located right across the street from the Rosslyn Metro stop, Orleans […]

Anything But Straight: Obama

The Obama campaign hit a sour note when it chose to woo African American voters in South Carolina this weekend with a gospel concert featuring virulently homophobic and "ex-gay" gospel crooner Donnie McClurkin.

Our Man In Arlington

Last week, we attended a an intense new theatrical experience at Signature Theater and an equally intense new exhibition at the Arlington Arts Center that were at once intimately related yet unique.