2024-06-21 2:20 PM

Dowd on Drinks: Innovation On The Rocks

In my travels, I continually come across some truly innovative cocktail recipes. Rather than let them go unappreciated by the reading public at large and enjoyed only by the select circle that frequents those cocktail bars or Web sites, here are a few I’d like to share.

Restaurant Review: La Madeleine

La Madeleine, the French bistro and cafe with eight different locations in D.C., is a total oxymoron. While most chain restaurants are built on convenience and strive to feed the masses with food that is both quick and cheap, the ever-growing bistro has found success using a more laissez faire approach.

Restaurant Review: Tiffany’s Bakery


Tiffany’s Bakery was in existence for 20 years in the Seven Corners shopping center before the Jimenez family bought it 10 years ago. Beatrice, Mr. Bonifacio Jimenez’ wife enjoys the experience of owning the bakery, especially since they have their three daughters to help.