2024-06-13 5:45 AM

Editorial: ‘Branding Falls Church’

The new “Brand Development Initiative” launched by the Falls Church Economic Development Authority (EDA) this week comes as a sight for sore eyes among those, most especially this newspaper, who have long been touting the need for an aggressive and comprehensive marketing strategy for the City of Falls Church.

Picking Splinters: Free Agents Are No Quick Fix for Nats

  This is getting old. Right? The Nats not playing well, it’s a little too reminiscent of all the seasons Washington fans wasted on the Senators, isn’t it? The fans — and the taxpayers that are footing the bill for the new ballpark — deserve better don’t they?

Press Pass: Rogue Wave

  There was a point in the past year where all Zach Rogue could do was pray for more time to spend with Pat Spurgeon. Spurgeon, Rogue’s creative partner in the Northern California-based band Rogue Wave, needed a kidney transplant to replace the failing organ he received from his first transplant in the 1990s. In […]

Picking Splinters: A Failure of Frugality

Most fantasy sports participants pore over their teams, researching draft picks and waiver moves and crafting their team with a level of care and attention to detail normally reserved for Renaissance-era art and military aircraft. That's certainly true in my case. That's why it was tremendously sad when I drove home from my second fantasy […]

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