2024-06-19 12:15 AM

Congressman Moran’s News Commentary

Last week, at my request, the Pentagon released information on the number of troops and their respective occupation specialty that were discharged under the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy for the month of January.

Iraq in Their Backpack


As national attention dwells on economic woes and approaching elections, the day-to-day coverage of the Iraq War is lost to quick sound bites and brief flashes across the television screen. Brenda Elthon aims to change that by capturing the American pulse with Songs for our Soldiers, a melodic odyssey that turns ears and hearts toward […]

Secretary of Army Presides Over Falls Church Parade

  Falls Church is fortunate to have a very high ranking official serve as Grand Marshal of The City of Falls Church 27th Annual Memorial Day Parade and Festival presented by Cox, Monday, May 26, and he happens to be a city resident. The Secretary of the United States Army, the Honorable Pete Geren, will […]

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

This week marks the beginning of the Iraq war's sixth year. In that time, nearly 4,000 American soldiers have given their lives in the line of fire, 30,000 have been injured, and we've spent over $520 billion and counting.

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

The untold story of Post Office Box 1142 is one that defines us as a people. It is a shining example that, by sticking to our American values and principles, we can and will triumph over our enemies.

Jim Moran

Mental illness among our nation’s veterans is a serious problem. Stemming from the strain of violent hostilities in Iraq, the prevalence of veterans with a service-connected disability has grown alarmingly high. As of 2006, 454,598 veterans had a service-connected disability due to a mental illness, and 20 percent of soldiers returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom […]

Jim Moran

Four years ago this week President Bush, traveling aboard a fighter jet, landed on the USS Lincoln aircraft carrier. Donning a flight suit, acting every bit the part of the victorious Commander in Chief, he strode confidently to the podium under a banner of “Mission Accomplished” to address the American people on Iraq.