2024-05-21 6:33 PM

Daniel Negreanu on Poker: Play More Hands in Smaller Pots in Tournaments

There are a couple of methods to amass a big stack in tournament poker. One way is to try pushing small edges before the flop by playing coin flip situations, like a pair versus two overcards, or vice versa. The problem is that this approach is far too inconsistent. You’ll need lots of luck to […]

Wine Half Bottles

The hunt is always on for the trophy Sonoma red from Chateau St. Jean. Called Cinq Cepages, French for five grapes, it is a perennial candidate for wine of the year.

The Peak Oil Crisis: On Contemplating $100 Oil

For the last few days, the press has been full of stories about the possibility of oil reaching $100 a barrel this winter. As prices have been bouncing around in the low $80s for the last couple of weeks, another $20 increase will do it. The theory behind the $100 forecast is that supply and […]