2024-06-25 2:10 PM

Press Pass with Finger Eleven


When the men of Finger Eleven first tracked out hit song “Paralyzer” from latest album Them Vs. You Vs. Me, they had no clue the bright future it would have.

Press Pass: Seether

The sailing has never been entirely smooth for South African hard rockers Seether and the recent years have been especially rocky. Guitarist Pat Callahan walked away from the band. Lead singer Shaun Morgan endured a rather public break up with Evanescence lead singer Amy Lee, the co-crooner on Seether’s smash-hit “Broken.” In August of 2006, […]

Press Pass: Secondhand Serenade

You could attribute the recent success of John Vesely, better known by his performance name of Secondhand Serenade, to his raw and honest compositions, his impassioned vocals or his teen idol-worthy looks. Any and all of those complimentary reasons are accurate and all are deserved. To do so, however, would discount much of the hard […]

Press Pass: Luis Dubuc

Luis Dubuc didn’t like the view from the back of the stage. As the drummer for a metal band, he felt boxed in, beating out the same rhythms to the same monotonous songs over and over. He wanted a change.

Press Pass: Vandaveer

The name isn't an alias, it's latitude. When he adopted his alternate handle, Mark Charles Heidinger, known also by Vandaveer, wasn't simply seeking an alluring nickname that would ensnare playbill-gazing pedestrians. He wanted freedom.

Press Pass: Drowning Pool

Drowning Pool

On Wednesday, Sept. 19, hard rockers Drowning Pool stormed the nation’s capital, though the date was not part of any concert tour. Instead of taking the stage to pound out their signature screams and raucous riffs, the group of Mike Luce, C.J. Pierce, Ryan McCombs and Stevie Benton stood with U.S. Representative Jim Moran (D […]

Editor Recommends: Dark Star Orchestra

Dark Star Orchestra, State Theatre, 220 N. Washington St., Falls Church, Friday, August 10, 9 p.m. Agh, I just can’t help myself. I’ve recommended this group too often, but seriously, it’s one of the best shows for the price that you can see, if you are at all into classic rock music. This is the […]

Press Pass: Dave Barnes

The album artwork for Dave Barnes’ latest release Chasing Mississippi, paints an interesting picture of the Nashville-based troubadour. Sure, there are the liner notes and the thank yous, but there is also a series of pictures depicting Barnes in a number of martial arts poses. On a tour poster, Barnes is seen performing a jump […]

Chalk Talk at J.E.B. Stuart

For some teachers, like J.E.B. Stuart freshman English teacher Vanessa Maxey, this school year marks the first spent at the fore of a high school classroom. Then, there are savvy vets like math chair Stuart Singer, who has been a fixture in the school’s math department and athletic fields for 39 years. The News-Press’ Alex […]