2024-06-14 11:33 AM

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The History of Deadlocked Party Conventions, Brushing Up on Your Trivia.

Katrina Cottages Require Separate Lots in Falls Church

Lowe’s Hardware now has blueprints and supplies for 11 different floor plans of the so-called Katrina Cottages, for sale on its web site. But anyone who’s awaited this opportunity to add the newly-designed, 300-square foot or larger cottage to their backyard for grandma will be disappointed to learn that the City of Falls Church strictly […]

Delegate Hull’s Richmond Report

Legislative Albatross It has been 12 days since the 2007 General Assembly session adjourned after 46 days. In this “short session,” 1,551 bills and resolutions were approved.

National Council of Churches Chief Assails Church Split

In an exclusive interview with the News-Press Tuesday, the general secretary of the National Council of Churches in the USA, Dr. Bob Edgar, quipped that “Jesus must role his eyes when confronted with things like this,” referring to the move of 11 Virginia churches, including a majority of members of the giant Falls Church Episcopal, […]