2024-07-18 5:18 AM

Tennessee Williams Lives on Stage in Crystal City

Tennessee Williams’ “Small Craft Warnings,” now being performed through May 10 at Crystal City’s Clark Street Playhouse by the Washington Shakespeare Company, is one of Williams’ most self-revealing works, a gritty, unyielding pastiche of raw nerves and downtrodden lives taking place in a beach-side dive bar. The current staging of the seldom-performed work is fully […]

Letters to the Editor for the week of February 12 – 18, 2009

Says Making Falls Church Pedestrian Friendly is Key Editor, The Jan. 29 edition of your newspaper reported (yet another) economic development initiative in the form of giving the City a brand-name identity as an additional means of marketing us to developers, businesses, consumers, and homebuyers.

Northern Virginia Art Beat


Cellular Perspectives: Works by Betsy Stewart, and Patrick Craig, Comfort Zones: Paintings by Michele Montalbano. Spaces of Places: Tom Wagner.

Northern Virginia Art Beat


Feeling swept up in the winds of change? Welcome the woman with a whirlwind… Amy Marx shows her latest images of tornadic activity in a three-person show at Plan B, along with abstracts by Andrew Wapinski and urban landscapes by Eric Westbrook.

Paul Krugman: Why Is America Feeling So Bleak?

The Survey Research Center of the University of Michigan has been tracking American economic perceptions since the 1950s. On Friday the center released its latest estimate of the consumer sentiment index — and it was a stunner. Americans are more pessimistic about their situation than they have been for more than a quarter century.

David Brooks: Diagnosing Obama Comedown Syndrome

At first it seemed like a few random cases of lassitude among Mary Chapin Carpenter devotees in Berkeley, Cambridge and Chapel Hill. But then psychotherapists began to realize patients across the country were complaining of the same distress. They were experiencing the first hints of what's bound to be a national phenomenon, Obama Comedown Syndrome.

Paul Krugman: Lessons Of 1992

It's starting to feel a bit like 1992 again. A Bush is in the White House, the economy is a mess, and there's a candidate who, in the view of a number of observers, is running on a message of hope, of moving past partisan differences, that resembles Bill Clinton's campaign 16 years ago.

Nicholas F. Benton: Can You Spell Ahmadinejad?

  Here we go again! The hysteria being pumped up across the U.S. over Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speeches in New York this week follows the exact same script as the run-up to Bush’s horrendous invasion of Iraq in 2003.