2024-06-15 12:19 PM

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Future Of Our Cars

Hardly a day goes by without an announcement that some company is either developing a new model of an electric powered car or has made some sort of progress on the ones under development. These announcements are coming from major automobile manufacturers all over the world and from numerous startups working in small garages. It […]

Dowd on Drinks: A Beer Drinker’s Guide To Holiday Champagne

So there you sit, in your latest ugly Christmas sweater that already has a splotch of holiday gravy on the front, wondering how to avoid looking like a schlub when you uncork the champagne you've been assigned to purchase for the next family inquisition commonly known as New Year's Eve.

Our Man in Arlington

Last Tuesday morning George Mason University Provost Peter Stearns was on the Arlington campus to conduct one in a series of discussions throughout the region on the state of the university.