2024-05-30 2:00 AM

Dowd On Drinks: Autumn Pleasers In A Glass

When autumn's chill becomes a factor in your food and drink choices, the usual suspects come to mind: stews, roasts, hot toddies, hard apple cider — hearty stuff we've known about since childhood.

Restaurant Review: Scoop Beauregard’s


You want to know what “drawing power” is? Consider this story: After taking ownership of Scoop Beauregard’s, a tiny ice cream a coffee parlor nestled in Arlington’s Westover Plaza, new owners Kris and Michelle Rowley wanted to freshen up their new shop. As the couple started repainting the walls, they hung a “Sorry, We’re Closed” […]

Jody’s Jam: Cox Farms Fall Festival

Have you heard about the great pumpkin shortage that is sweeping the nation? Due to some crazy fungi out there, the pumpkin crop has been greatly limited this season. With numbers dwindling and prices rising, the task of finding a bona fide winner for your doorstep can prove to be quite a challenge. However, one […]