2024-05-30 2:30 AM

Fairfax May Hold $ For Econ Growth & Jobs

Fairfax County is blessed with “a very unusual group of politicians,” according to the head of the county’s Economic Development Authority (EDA), responding to the recent remark by Sharon Bulova, new chair of the county Board of Supervisors, that she “will not vote for any cut in economic development” despite a $700 million shortfall currently […]

Webb Says Afghanistan is Beset With Logistical Woe


Virginia U.S. Senator James Webb told the monthly breakfast meeting of the Northern Virginia Democratic Business Council in Falls Church last Friday that there’s no way the U.S. can build a stable, pro-western nation in Afghanistan, and that if more U.S. troops are sent in there, it should only be with a clear and realistic […]

Webb Assails U.S. Incarceration Policy

The 2.25 million Americans now incarcerated in U.S. prisons is “a staggering statistic, from the standpoints of fairness, cost of incarceration and cost of lost opportunities,” Virginia U.S. Senator James Webb said during his keynote remarks to a conference on “Prison to Work: A Proposal for a National Prisoner Reentry Program” hosted by the Brookings […]

Editorial: N. Va’s Coming Population Boom

If some folks in the City of Falls Church don’t think there’s a market for new mixed use, predominantly residential projects here, consider the plans that are afoot just up the road in Tysons Corner.

A Penny For Your Thoughts: The News of Greater Falls Church

A recent study by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) commissioned by the Virginia General Assembly revealed that the foreign-born popula-tion in Virginia increased significantly between 1990 and 2000. The study also pointed out that more than 80 percent of the state’s foreign-born population is here legally. Of the estimated 570,000 residents in […]

Nicholas F. Benton: The 8% Solution

We now have something purportedly definitive about the cause of left-handedness, a characteristic of somewhere between 8% and 10% of the population worldwide. This week, news has come of an Oxford University study that claims a gene that causes left-handedness has been discovered, and that it is associated with a mildly-elevated disposition toward schizophrenia.

Editorial: A

Tuesday’s under-attended monthly luncheon of the Greater Falls Church Chamber of Commerce was an eye-opener. When you hear of groups like the “Coalition for Smarter Growth,” which provided the speaker for the event, and their partnerships with environmental groups, you think they’re all about keeping development to a minimum. Among other things, you might think […]

Food For Ferals: Neri Cares For Cats Others Ignore

Phil Neri is trying to get the cat to jump into his arms. “Come on, sweetie, come on, oh come on.” The cat is a white and black, short haired and feral, meaning it was born and grew up outside of human contact. The cat is staying a consistent ten feet away, watching to see […]

Delegate Scott’s Richmond Report

Gov. Kaine: Telework Champion Governor Kaine and his Cabinet continued his outreach efforts in Northern Virginia on Monday, with stops in Arlington and Loudoun Counties, Reston, the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), and Medical Education Campus of the Northern Virginia Community College.