2024-06-14 7:52 AM

Senator Mary Margaret Whipple’s Richmond Report

Affordable Housing is an issue of great importance in this high-priced region where not even our teachers and police personnel can afford to live in the communities they serve. It is a multifaceted issue that requires our best, most strenuous efforts to make a dent in the problem. Government, the private sector and faith communities […]

Senator Whipple

Memorial Day in Falls Church always shows the City at its best. A large crowd assembled at the Veterans’ Memorial for a somber ceremony in memory and honor of those who have given their lives to preserve this country’s freedom. As the colors were posted, the middle school band played, the speeches were given and […]

Jody’s Jam of the Week: DiRoNA

Wow. When I found out that just after Restaurant Week ended, DiRōNA week began, I couldn’t of been happier. Now there’s another reason to pass on the frozen dinners and take-out, and opt instead for the fine dining establishments of the DC area. DiRōNA stands for Distinguished Restaurants of North America, and is holding its […]