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Dem Gubernatorial Hopeful Brian Moran Talks Policy at News-Press


For Brian Moran, youngest brother in the big family of long-time U.S. Congressman Jim Moran and now battling furiously for the Democratic nomination to represent his party in the general election for Governor of Virginia in November, his world changed one night in 1994.

Falls Church Business News & Notes

Red, White & Blue Wine and Gourmet Shop is now hosting wine tastings Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 8 p.m. and on Sundays from 1 – 5 p.m.

Delegate Scott’s Richmond Report

Senator Joe Gartlan Last Tuesday (July 22), I attended memorial services for Senator Joe Gartlan, a colleague, mentor and friend in the Virginia General Assembly.

Richard Barton: Our Man in Arlington

Well, it’s over! The Democratic nomination battle, that is. It was a hard fought race, and as it progressed it developed some corrosive animosities between hard core Obama and Clinton fans.

Nicholas F. Benton: Ted Kennedy

News like that about Sen. Ted Kennedy last week comes like a kick in the solar plexus. It stops everything dead in its tracks. All the jockeying, all the bickering of political and personal lives is put on hold and a deep collective sob is heard issued forth from every mere mortal.

Nicholas F. Benton: The Inevitable Convention Fight

We knew this was going to happen. With Sen. Hillary Clinton’s double-digit victory in Pennsylvania Tuesday, there is now no conceivable way that the Democratic nomination is going to be wrapped up before the Democratic National Convention in Denver in late August.

Helen Thomas: McCain Forsees 100-Year War

WASHINGTON — If Americans want to continue the Iraq war, then Sen. John McCain — the apparent Republican presidential candidate and relentless hawk — is their man.

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