2024-07-20 8:49 PM

The Peak Oil Crisis: Seize the Moment

Earlier this week the Obama administration, now the effective owner of the U.S. automobile industry, put Detroit on notice that it has 30-60 days to come up with a believable plan to “restructure” itself or it goes into bankruptcy.

The Roads Less Traveled


You’ve been to the beach. You’ve seen New York City. Now let the News-Press show you some attractive alternatives to the usual summer hot spots just a short drive away.

Mary Margaret Whipple’s Richmond Report

Somehow the month of May seems to be rushing by. Although the Regular Session and the first Special Session of the General Assembly were completed in April, there is still another Special Session on transportation coming up on June 23.

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Future of Our Cars

  Last week’s column explored the options for powering vehicles when supplies of imported petroleum and products start to decline. At present it appears that biofuels, natural gas, and electricity are the only alternatives that will be available in large deliverable, quantities in the next ten or 20 years. While biofuels are already in widespread […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Future Of Our Cars

Within the next ten years the size, shape, efficiency, fuel and numbers of private automobiles is going to undergo a radical change. The nine million barrells of gasoline we currently use in the U.S. each day simply will not be available in the quantities desired at any price. If a transition to a more abundant […]

Nicholas F. Benton: The 8% Solution

We now have something purportedly definitive about the cause of left-handedness, a characteristic of somewhere between 8% and 10% of the population worldwide. This week, news has come of an Oxford University study that claims a gene that causes left-handedness has been discovered, and that it is associated with a mildly-elevated disposition toward schizophrenia.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Hard Truths

During the past week, dozens of stories have appeared in the world’s press commenting on the National Petroleum Council’s new report entitled “Facing the Hard Truths about Energy — A comprehensive view to 2030 of global oil and natural gas.” This report is deemed important because it represents the official view of the U.S. government’s […]