2024-06-15 1:09 PM

Anything But Straight: A Fractious Movement


In an online discussion forum, a respected activist recently lamented the decentralization of gay community advocacy. He made a powerful case that we would be better off if our efforts were more regimented and unified.

Our Man in Arlington

The Rev. Michael McGee, Senior Pastor of the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Arlington, delivered an excellent sermon last Sunday that caused me once again to reflect on the whole issue of equal rights for woman in our society.

Anything But Straight: Frank Talk on Race and Prop. 8

On Election Day, 70-percent of African Americans voted to take away a gay person’s right to marry primarily based on a book – the Bible – that calls on slaves to obey their masters. Mormons funded the measure – even though religious discrimination drove them from Missouri and Illinois in the 1830’s.

Anything But Straight: What if We Win?

It is easy to get depressed when analyzing the elections. With serious economic and international crises facing our nation, we have voters like Gordon Maddox who may vote against Barrack Obama because he wrongly fears that his wife Michelle isn’t sufficiently proud of America.

Anything But Straight: The New Happy Left

I went to my first Creating Change conference in Detroit last week – where the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force brought together nearly 2,000 GLBT activists from across the nation. While I was looking forward to catching up with friends, I was not sure what to expect. My past experience with left-leaning gatherings was […]

Anything But Straight: Stop Blaming Hillary For Culture Wars

I caught the political bug while in college in 1992, seduced by the charming optimism of Bill Clinton's presidential campaign. At the time, I was interning as a radio news reporter at KQED in San Francisco. One of my assignments was to cover a Clinton visit. Although I was still a political neophyte, there was […]

Anything But Straight: A Weekend Without E-Mail

Vacationing in Montreal this weekend, I had a computer glitch that made it impossible to connect online. The experience made me think about how much the world has changed since the beginning of the technological revolution, particularly for the GLBT community.

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