2024-07-14 4:27 AM

The Peak Oil Crisis: A Turning Point?

Events are moving faster all the time. Some are highly visible such as the falling stock markets, the steadily rising unemployment numbers and the drumbeat of global gloom and doom emanating from the media.

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Economic Rebound

A few years ago, peak oil was relatively easy to understand. At some point in the future, and estimates varied as to exactly when, oil production was going to start declining due to a combination of geologic and geopolitical factors, prices were going to rise precipitously and a massive civilization-wrenching paradigm shift would start as […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Crash of 2008

For weeks now the stock markets and commodity prices have been falling. Oil is currently trading around $76 a barrel which is close to a 50 percent drop since the middle of July.

Editorial: Our ‘Real Estate Report’

For the first time in our 17 and a half years of publication, the Falls Church News-Press has produced a special 16-page “Real Estate Report” that is included in this edition and will also be available on News-Press newsstands for the entire month of August.