2024-05-21 11:33 AM

Anything But Straight: The Ugly Phase Begins

For a brief moment, it looked as if the GLBT community might escape gratuitous gay baiting in the 2008 presidential campaign. Unlike the past few election cycles where the strategy was to secure the base at all costs, McCain and Obama were vigorously vying for moderate and Independent swing voters.

Smyth Wins, Connolly Upbeat About Fall Races Statewide

Fairfax County Supervisor Linda Smyth withstood a stiff challenge in a Democratic primary Tuesday to virtually ensure an election to a second term representing the Providence District. Smyth defeated Charles Hall with 54% of the vote Tuesday and no one has yet filed to contest her in the November general election.

Anything But Straight: The Right

In sports, it is known that confidence is the main ingredient that separates great players from those who are merely good. A legend, such as Michael Jordan, could miss ten shots in a row, but he would still expect the eleventh shot to fall. The average player, on the other hand, would start having doubts […]

Our Man in Arlington

A couple of musings on Arlington politics: The recent announcement that Virginia Senate President John Chichester is retiring may not auger well for Arlington and Northern Virginia.