2024-07-19 1:48 PM

Off Track: Matthew Sweet

According to Matthew Sweet, pots helped a lot with his 10th and latest album, Sunshine Lies. And yes, that is plural – “pots.”

Press Pass with Matthew Ryan


There are some artists who emerge into the public eye fully-formed, pre-packaged and primed to perform their one and only trick before fading into the background.

F.C.-Kiwanis Little League Report

  AA Riverdogs 12 — Sand Gnats 2: In his pitching debut, the Riverdogs’ Nicholas Hutzell had a successful outing in a game played on May 31. The Riverdogs defense provided help throughout the night, with catchers Matt Nicholson and Mike Savory each tagging out runners at home on attempted steals by the Sand Gnats. […]

Weighty Roles Not Lost on Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox in We Are Marshall

While he eschews the image, “Lost” star shines most intensely in conflicted roles. As such, Fox provides drama to disappointing new release ‘We Are Marshall.’

Press Pass: Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan is an idealist, a fact that may surprise those familiar with his work. Never mind that his albums are laden with ballads, or that he sings like he sports a leg iron from his right ankle, or even that he openly says he has never written a “feel good” album. Matthew Ryan is […]