2024-07-15 1:11 PM

Anything But Straight: The New Happy Left

I went to my first Creating Change conference in Detroit last week – where the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force brought together nearly 2,000 GLBT activists from across the nation. While I was looking forward to catching up with friends, I was not sure what to expect. My past experience with left-leaning gatherings was […]

Dem Hopeful

A response to a question at a public forum about the separation of church and state by a conservative Democrat running in Fairfax County’s 34th State Senate District last week brought the issue of his ties to a controversial religious movement even more to the forefront.

Democrats Optimistic They

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine and former Governor and announced U.S. Senate candidate Mark Warner took the same stage in Arlington Tuesday beaming with optimism about their Democratic Party’s ability to gain a majority in the Virginia Senate in the November election, now just six weeks off.

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Anything But Straight: Holzinger Does Harm

With an approval rating hovering at Nixonian levels and Rush Limbaugh firing spitballs from the right over immigration, it didn’t take a brain surgeon to guess that George W. Bush would try to appease conservatives by nominating a Neanderthal for Surgeon General.

Anything But Straight: Time For Mother Mary To Call Mr. Leather

Right wing leaders violently shook their rattles and practically soiled their diapers the moment they found out Mary Cheney was having a baby. For a moment, it seemed they were going to rename their anti-choice slogan, “Right to Straight Life” and demand that Mary immediately seek a partial birth abortion.