2024-07-18 4:08 AM

Press Pass with Ashton Allen


Adaptability seems to be a crucial trait for musicians these days. With the traditional record-label-backed system a thing of the past and the modern industry in a constant state of flux, the environment is more hostile than ever for songwriters trying to get by on songs alone.

Press Pass: Linkin Park

There's a growing, if idealistic, sentiment these days that unsigned, independent musicians are bridging the gap between their major label-backed peers. The belief is that Internet innovations and digital have leveled the playing field for financially constrained Indie bands, pushing labels to the margins of relevancy. Then you listen to acts like Linkin Park discuss […]

Press Pass: Ryan Montbleau Band

The deal was all lined up. Ryan Montbleau and his band mates were just one confirmation away from inking a deal with an independent label that would have propelled the band out of debt and into, at least temporary, financial security. However, the next time the label made contact, the news was not good. The […]

Press Pass: Abra Moore

To Abra Moore, songwriting is a mystery. She doesn’t know when inspiration will strike, nor what will trigger it. And interestingly enough, it’s a mystery that Moore has no inclination to solve.

Off Track: Guggenheim Grotto

The first track sounds like the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel. The third track is modern radio pop, the sixth tune is a country song and the 10th reminds of rhythm and blues. The vast gamut of sounds (you can find an Irish ballad and some Spanish-sounding strings) found on The Guggenheim Grotto’s debut LP, […]

Press Pass: Gin Blossoms

It was never going to happen. A few years had past since the Gin Blossoms had disbanded in 1997, and now guitarist Scott Johnson was starting to detect a certain permanence to what he had thought might have just been a temporary hiatus.