2024-06-19 1:12 PM

House Atop a Cherry Hill


Originally built by William Harvey in 1845 and then valued at $665, the Cherry Hill Farmhouse on Park Avenue went through the Civil War and a handful of homeowners until it was turned over to the City of Falls Church government in 1968, and into a museum eight years later.

Restaurant Spotlight: Sea Pearl Restaurant


Hands down this is one of the finest restaurants in the Falls Church area. Sea Pearl blends a charming aquatic theme, played out with its atmosphere and décor, with its cuisine’s sumptuous flavors and novel expertise.

A Home Fit for a Mayor


City of Falls Church Mayor Robin Gardner happily let the News-Press cameras invade her family’s home on Ellison Street. The Gardeners’ cats Junior and Toby were not as trusting, though they warmed up to the idea in the end.

Off Track: Ford’s New Brew

The term “kitchen composition” usually refers to some sort of culinary creation whipped up by a master chef.

Regions Uncorking Wider Wine Tourism

ALBANY, N.Y. — Wine tourism has become commonplace now that every one of the United States has at least one winery, and most of them many more.