2024-05-28 6:42 PM

Picking Splinters: Spoiled By Success

It will be an offseason of great change for the New York Yankees, but it seems that the flawed perceptions of the team's ownership will endure, despite George Steinbrenner ceding operational control to his sons Hal and Hank. Last weekend, Hank Steinbrenner fired back at soon-to-be former manager Joe Torre. The reprisal came after Torre […]

Students Cash In On TV Promo $1K Giveaway

Falls Church Community Television’s “School Spirit” program's $1000 Giveaway

After months of endless clues and creative riddles, and trying 92 different lockers George Mason High School senior Addison Blakemore used a combination to finally recover $1,000. The prize was part of the first $1K giveaway from the on Channel 12.