2024-06-13 3:36 PM

Our Man in Arlington

Last Saturday, we went to a luncheon at Arlington’s venerable Alpine Restaurant on Lee Highway to celebrate Vivian Kallen’s eightieth birthday.

Picking Splinters: : Christmas Mailbag

Are you surprised that Jim Zorn has kept his job after the collapse that kept them out of the playoffs? I probably would have been fired twice by now… Marty S.

Press Pass with JunkFood


There used to be a relatively simple formula for success in the music world. Craft a memorable single that a record company executive’s teenage son or daughter would enjoy, sign a record contract with said parent, tour to promote the record then sit back and collect pay checks and groupies while radio made the marketing […]

Mason Basketball Drops 2 of 3 to Start Season


After beating neighbor Marshall High School 60-49 in convincing fashion, the George Mason High School basketball team dropped two tough games last week against Loudoun County and Broad Run.

Nicholas F. Benton: The Pope on Ethics & Economics

There’s a lot about Pope Benedict XVI not to like, but a so-called “prophecy” attributed to him this week by Italian Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti on the current global economic meltdown resonates with a lot of truth.

Press Pass with Val Emmich


If America Ferrera’s love interest/musically-inclined neighbor seems like a natural on the stage during this season of ABC’s “Ugly Betty,” well, it’s because he is.

‘Taste’ Judges Share Their Food Likes & Dislikes


With three of the four judges returning from last year’s Taste of Falls Church, this year’s restaurant entrants will have to step it up in order to impress these veteran taste buds. Here, the judges provide insights on their personal palettes and what gets their mouths watering.