2024-07-18 3:52 PM

Dowd On Drinks: A Tour Of Craft Tastes

The alcoholic beverage field is a multi-billion-dollar playground where financial giants vie for control and international market share and entrepreneurs keep working in cellars, garages and the occasional squeaky-clean laboratory to come up with new products.

Winetail Is The New Cocktail

AUSTIN, Texas — The shimmering concoction in the martini glass had a dreamy, pale green color. But what exactly was it? Perhaps the cucumber rose perched on the rim offered a clue. Was it a martini made with Hendrick’s Gin, which is made with cucumber and rose petals?

Dowd on Drinks: Gin Makes A Comeback

At one time, gin was such a ubiquitous liquor it would have been unthinkable to talk about a comeback for the white spirit. What did the drink of both society sophsticates and college sophomores have to come back from?

Press Pass: Gin Blossoms

It was never going to happen. A few years had past since the Gin Blossoms had disbanded in 1997, and now guitarist Scott Johnson was starting to detect a certain permanence to what he had thought might have just been a temporary hiatus.