2024-05-24 7:30 PM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Picking Splinters: There’s Reality Behind the Fantasy

For many men, the word “fantasy” conjures images of occupying the skin of the fictional Vincent Chase and rolling on Highway One in a Maserati with a flawless woman, or eight, as seen in just about any episode of HBO’s “Entourage.”

Picking Splinters: A Failure of Frugality

Most fantasy sports participants pore over their teams, researching draft picks and waiver moves and crafting their team with a level of care and attention to detail normally reserved for Renaissance-era art and military aircraft. That's certainly true in my case. That's why it was tremendously sad when I drove home from my second fantasy […]

Picking Splinters: Fantasyland Notes

There’s a belief that the business world slows down around this time of year because lots of people are off on vacations. I tend to believe that they are merely drafting their fantasy football teams.