2024-06-16 11:54 PM

Nicholas F. Benton: Deliver Us From Rick Warren

Last weekend’s spectacle in Orange County, California, was not a debate on faith and values between the two presidential candidates. It was a showcase for the elevation of yet another right-wing fundamentalist preacher, an heir to the late Jerry Falwell anointed as a media darling to be its resident expert on faith-related matters.

Anything But Straight: The Distortions of James Dobson


It is remarkable that Focus on the Family’s James Dobson would accuse anyone of “distortions” considering his ignoble record. But, that is exactly what the right wing ideologue did this week when he said on his daily radio show that democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama distorted the Bible.

Paul Krugman: Deliverance Or Diversion?

After their victory in the 2006 congressional elections, it seemed a given that Democrats would try to make this year's presidential campaign another referendum on Republican policies.

Nicholas F. Benton: In the Name of Religion, Part 3

I was raised with no connection, as a child, to organized religion, and came to a faith perspective as an adult, leading to four years of a post-graduate education at a West Coast Protestant seminary majoring in New Testament theology. Yet my informed and oft-expressed antipathy for religious fundamentalism remains mild compared to how some […]

A Penny For Your Thoughts: The News of Greater Falls Church

The focus at last Saturday’s Peace and Justice Conference was on the many faces of the human family. The conference, sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, was held at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Bailey’s Crossroads, and brought together social justice activists from many faith communities in Northern Virginia for the day-long […]