2024-05-20 12:06 PM

Helen Thomas: McCain Forsees 100-Year War

WASHINGTON — If Americans want to continue the Iraq war, then Sen. John McCain — the apparent Republican presidential candidate and relentless hawk — is their man.

Anything But Straight: The Right

In sports, it is known that confidence is the main ingredient that separates great players from those who are merely good. A legend, such as Michael Jordan, could miss ten shots in a row, but he would still expect the eleventh shot to fall. The average player, on the other hand, would start having doubts […]

Anything But Straight: The Impending Purge

In 1995, I arrived in Washington, DC as a fresh faced and doe-eyed twenty five year old. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a living, but I thought working on Capitol Hill might be interesting and the big buildings looked kind of cool. Although I had just served as a press secretary […]