2024-07-18 3:28 AM

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

The cost of food around the world has been growing rapidly in past year. There are a number of factors responsible, from rising energy costs to market speculation. But one factor which the federal government has the power to control concerns a policy designed to encourage the development of renewable fuel.

David Brooks: The Real McCain

You wouldn't know it to look at them, but political consultants are as faddish as anyone else. And the current voguish advice among the back-room set is: Go after your opponent's strengths. So in the first volley of the general election campaign, Barack Obama has attacked John McCain for being too close to lobbyists. His […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Minimum Operating Level

There has been much discussion about gasoline inventories in the US lately and rightly so. Every Wednesday morning the Department of Energy releases a snapshot of US oil and product inventories at the end of the preceding week. As US gasoline inventories fell dramatically during the past few months, it is this report, as interpreted […]