2024-05-23 10:51 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

The Peak Oil Crisis: Capping Carbon

Seventeen years after the Kyoto Protocol was drafted, it appears that the U.S. is moving toward taking action to limit the nation’s emissions of greenhouse gases.

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

Tuesday marks Earth Day, the annual event reminding all Americans that a livable, sustainable world cannot be achieved without action. In the last year, the New Direction Congress has taken up that challenge, beginning to reverse the old, failed energy policies of the past, breaking ground on new measures to develop and use clean, renewable […]

Don Beyer Volvo Partners for Novel Environmental Initiative

Falls Church-based Don Beyer Volvo launched a major new environmental initiative this week, teaming with a Rockville-based clean energy company to buy Renewable Energy Credits (REC) with every car sold to offset with wind power each vehicle’s estimated first year of carbon emissions.

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

The hallmark achievement for the “New Direction” 110th Congress so far has been passage of the Energy Independence and Security Act, a historic bill that will make America more energy independent, responsive to the global warming crisis, while also continuing to grow our economy.

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

Other than the war in Iraq, the environment and global warming are the most problematic issues facing our country.  Thanks in large part to Al Gore’s advocacy and the film An Inconvenient Truth catching the public’s attention, however, the green movement is finally back in vogue after a decade on the outs. It couldn’t have […]

Paul Krugman: Gore Derangement Syndrome

On the day after Al Gore shared the Nobel Peace Prize, The Wall Street Journal's editors couldn't even bring themselves to mention Gore's name. Instead, they devoted their editorial to a long list of people they thought deserved the prize more.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Alternatives

Something few of us are aware of is the massive waste built into the energy systems we have built over the last 100 years. This week, I am going to talk about electricity generation, but the same point can be made about the internal combustion engine which is a monument to inefficiency.