2024-07-15 1:09 PM

Press Pass: Tab Benoit

  Each night when award-winning bluesman Tab Benoit picks up his guitar he does so with a clean slate. No plans, no pre-fab approach to the setlist, no rehearsals. “You don’t rehearse the blues, man,” Benoit says with a laugh.

Daniel Negreanu on Poker: The Rules of Eight

Never underestimate the importance of preparation for any single poker session or tournament. Similarly, never dismiss certain scientific facts regarding the human brain’s ability to function optimally. I’ve learned plenty of valuable lessons as a 15-year professional poker veteran and none is more critical than the importance of preparation. It’s a lesson I call The […]

Hanson Doesn’t Stop at ‘Mmmbop’

It is extremely rare, since the days of Our Gang and Freddy Bartholomew to the present, for child performers to transition to successful adult careers in entertainment. Far more are the crash-and-burn accounts of used and abused kids whose lives wind up in the toilet as adults.

Dos and Don

Powerful drawing hands like a pair with a flush draw, or even conventional straight and flush draws, are often good opportunities to try a semi-bluff – making a bet or raise that you hope will not be called, but leaves you some outs if it is.

After Game 7, Some Caps Catharsis

Tuesday night’s Game Seven between the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals was the sort that lived up to every ounce of the mystique inherent in its name. It was the kind of marquee event where you spell “drama” by writing “OT” and “heartbreak” with a lonely “L.” And if you’re a Caps fan, it’s the […]

Press Pass: Avril Lavigne

This blond Canadian might have a stage full of instruments dripping shades of cotton candy — including a sparkly pink drum kit and similarly pink piano — but don’t expect to see another Britney or Christina walk onto the checkered stage of Avril Lavigne's Best Damn Tour.