2024-06-21 12:48 PM

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

The following is Rep. Moran’s statement entered into the record this week in remembrance of the September 11th tragedy.

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Credit Crunch

Last week the price of oil went down, down, down, until Friday when word arrived that a tropical wave, which could turn into the first serious storm of the 2007 hurricane season, had just slid off the Africa coast.

Daniel Negreanu on Poker: Trouble Hands that Might Come in Second

Q-9 and J-8 aren't exactly monsters. In fact, these two hands should come with a warning label because they could cost you all of your chips. I'm referring to situations where you end up with a straight but lose to a higher straight.  Let’s say the flop comes 10-J-K. You obviously have a strong hand […]

Senator Whipple

Last week’s primaries changed the political landscape and raised the stakes in the November elections for the Senate of Virginia.

F.C. Resident Does Polo, Elephant-Style

By Nate Taylor During a routine Google search for horse polo equipment in September 2005, Kimberly Zenz came across something entirely different: elephant polo. The future team captain called Falls Church resident Courtney Zenz, her younger sister and soon-to-be teammate, and informed her that they were starting an elephant polo team. In September 2006 the […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: Turning Points

From a peak oil perspective, the last couple of weeks seemed pretty quiet. Oil prices continued to drift down into the $50s amid gloats from peak oil skeptics. The Dow Jones climbed to all-time highs, in part, due to optimism the "oil bubble" had finally burst and there would be lower inflation and lower interest […]