2024-05-27 11:17 PM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Michael Buckley Becomes an Internet Sensation

You or someone you know has undoubtedly sat in front of a computer and laughed out loud at YouTube sensation What the Buck, who has more than 30,000 subscribers. His videos, which are also on MySpace and his own Web site, buckhollywood.com, give his humorous, sarcastic take on all things pop culture. He’s done more […]

Our Man In Arlington

The past week has been great for us political junkies. (This is being written on Tuesday.

Restaurant Spotlight: Orleans House


Orleans House, an Arlington dining staple for over five decades, will be closing its doors this coming January 15th, so if you haven’t already I strongly, strongly, STRONGLY recommend you make a lunch or dinner reservation and get your butt over there before then. Located right across the street from the Rosslyn Metro stop, Orleans […]

Nicholas F. Benton: Deconstructing Karl Rove

The most shocking thing about Bush advisor Karl Rove’s “exit interview” with Meet the Press’ David Gregory last Sunday was nothing from the briefing notes that Rove rattled off during the half hour. It came right at the end, when Gregory aired a video clip showing Rove as a college student activist for Nixon in […]

Press Pass: The Sketches

There was once a time when Charlie Bernardo stood upon the precipice of a recording contract. The offers were there, lucrative ones at that, all he had to do was say “yes.” But something didn’t feel right for Bernardo, the seventh of 10 children born to Cuban parents who immigrated to the U.S. just before […]

Hoover Says Goodbye After 37 Yeas at GMHS

IN THE HALL in front of his English classroom, years of front pages of the George Mason High School newspaper, The Lasso, that Michael Hoover advised have been displayed this spring. Hoover completed a 37-year classroom teaching career at the school by addressing his commencement ceremony last Thursday. (News-Press photo)

As the “big names” of Hollywood actor Ben Affleck and U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton headlined graduation ceremonies at neighboring high schools, there was no bigger name in the history of George Mason High School in Falls Church than the man who spoke its commencement last Thursday. English instructor, department head, school newspaper […]

For Falls Church Family

Grewals’ Graduations Span Generations When siblings Meeta and Karan Grewal of Falls Church were growing up, they compared school grades and competed to see who performed best. As they grew older, the importance of education became a running theme in their family, given to them by their parents as they moved from India to the […]

Dancing for the Masses

Ryan Rankine

American TV Competitions Traverse Styles and Inspire Audiences Dancing has become the hottest thing on American television, and lives are being changed. From previously unknown dancers becoming stars to little kids learning to mambo, dance is enjoying an unprecedented surge. The new season of the Fox phenomenon “So You Think You Can Dance” premieres on […]