2024-07-22 3:46 PM

Paul Krugman: Why Is America Feeling So Bleak?

The Survey Research Center of the University of Michigan has been tracking American economic perceptions since the 1950s. On Friday the center released its latest estimate of the consumer sentiment index — and it was a stunner. Americans are more pessimistic about their situation than they have been for more than a quarter century.

Daniel Negreanu on Poker: Look Within Yourself for Answers

When nothing appears to be going right, players often begin to question their own theories about the game of poker. More often than not, it’s just a bad run of cards. But as one who doesn’t rely too heavily on luck, I try to look within myself when things aren’t going well.

Helen Thomas: Goodbye, Mr. Blair

WASHINGTON — Good news came in the form of the announcement by British Prime Minister Tony Blair that he will step down next month.