2024-05-24 12:20 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

2 N.Va. GOP Leaders: ‘I’ve Had Enough With My Party’

Rep. Davis in NY Times, Snyder In Letter to N-P Two prominent Northern Virginia Republican politicians publicly criticized their party this week, one attributing his disdain as contributing to his decision to opt out of politics, and the other angrily disassociating with the Virginia GOP.

Kaine Says Financial Meltdown Has ‘Reset Presidential Race’


Democratic Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, in exclusive comments to the News-Press in Tysons Corner yesterday morning, said that the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, sell off of Merrill Lynch, near failure of AIG and the attendant stock market nosedive has triggered what he called a “reset” of the presidential campaign.

Delegate Hull’s Richmond Report

Squirming and Diverting The Republican leadership in the General Assembly took withering criticism from the public for coming up with the idea of traffic "abuser fees" to raise transportation funds.

Nicholas F. Benton: Tim Hardaway

The anti-gay rant by former professional basketball player Tim Hardaway last week enrages me not only because of the emotional pain it caused for all who felt assaulted by it. According to a prominent National Basketball Association insider, it reflects the way almost every pro athlete thinks. No attempt has been made to take this […]

Anything But Straight: Learning the Hardaway

Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington called a co-star a faggot and ended up in rehab, while former basketball star Tim Hardaway said he hated homosexuals and now his career as an ex-jock pitchman is on a cold slab. This will be remembered as the year the F-word became the new N-word and homophobic comments were […]

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