2024-06-20 3:12 PM

Our Man in Arlington

Last Saturday, I left the Arlington nest and went to Alexandria to canvass for Mark Warner and the rest of the Democratic ticket.


Commonly, the politically active in the City of Falls Church brag proudly about a level of citizen participation in their town that is second to none. But those gathered at two sessions of so-called Deliberation Days in the city last weekend were confronted with a troubling reality that challenged that conventional wisdom.

A Penny For Your Thoughts: The News of Greater Falls Church

Civic engagement is alive and well in Mason District. Community picnics and neighborhood events bring out the best in our county, as new and long-time residents alike share meals and experiences. One young father told me how much he enjoys living in Fairfax County, with its great park system and responsive services. He said that […]

Editorial: The Real Falls Church

There are many reasons to applaud the tough stand by the Episcopal bishop of Virginia against the move by the Falls Church Episcopal Church to defect and align with a schismatic arch-conservative body created by an Anglican archbishop from Nigeria. The same goes for the resolve of many long-standing members of that church to persist […]