2024-07-15 8:45 PM

Our Man in Arlington

Arlingtonian Rufus Phillips has written a great book on Vietnam that should be on your must read list.

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

According to international law, torture is defined as "any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person in order to obtain information or a confession.”  Normally, we think that such activities only exist under oppressive regimes like North Korea.  But as the recent example of CIA […]

Helen Thomas: Shades of the Watergate Scandal

WASHINGTON — When a fire broke out in Vice President Dick Cheney's ceremonial office last week, reporters quipped that someone must be burning the videotapes of the CIA interrogation of two al-Qaida detainees.

Helen Thomas: Tenet Spills Some Secrets

WASHINGTON — Former CIA director George Tenet, one-time keeper of some of the nation’s biggest secrets, has spilled some of the goods in his $4 million memoirs.

Nicholas F. Benton: Leahy Flexes, Bush Sweats

I’m tearing down my giant portrait of Superman hanging over my mantle, and replacing it with one of Senator Patrick Leahy. I think he might look quite fetching with arms folded and a big red cape.