2024-05-23 11:52 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Restaurant Spotlight: Bear Rock Caf


A three-sided gas fireplace encased in stone with a wood mantle sits at the entrance warming the café. Above the mantle a sign reads “Escape to a higher taste.” To one side of the blazing fire is a small lounge area, complete with a sofa and two upholstered chairs.

Restaurant Spotlight: Iota Club and Caf

IOTA Club and Cafe

Iota Club and Café looks like your relatively typical café/music venue. Competent abstract art adorns the walls, and the lighting, consisting of rows of hanging Christmas lights and candles in jars, is kept relatively low at a hip, possibly romantic, level. Posters of bands that have played in the venue hang on one wall while […]

Restaurant Review: Rendez Vouz Cafe

There is a rustic ambiance to Rendez Vous Café that is noticeable the moment you place a foot on the stone patio in front of the quaint coffee shop. French, Spanish and Portuguese music softly plays while customers sip their lattes and eat their Nutella-covered crepes. Rich orange colors and shades of cranberry cover the […]

Restaurant Spotlight: Zorba’s Cafe

You have finally picked up the last crushed walnut from your plate and savored the remaining honey left on the final layer of fillo from your baklava. Now you proceed with both eyes closed to smell the fresh night air and hear the bustling sounds of the city and the light playing of the bouzouki. […]



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