2024-05-28 1:27 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Paul Krugman: Winter of Our Discontent

"Americans' Economic Pessimism Reaches Record High." That's the headline on a recent Gallup report, which shows a nation deeply unhappy with the state of the economy. Right now, "27% of Americans rate current economic conditions as either 'excellent' or 'good,' while 44% say they are 'only fair' and 28% say they are poor." Moreover, "an […]

F.C. in Long Term: Will Police Station Be Moved?

Anticipating the need for some big changes over the next half-dozen years, both City Hall and the School Board in Falls Church are looking to set aside generous funds for future studies in the next fiscal year budget. But, as City Manager Wyatt Shields said this week, a “blue skies” approach to planning will work […]

Editorial: No Surprise To Us Locals

The Falls Church Episcopal Church is now front page news all over the world for its vote, announced Sunday, to formally defect from the Episcopal denomination. But the 10,500 folks in the tiny City of Falls Church have had the Falls Church Episcopal — with its membership drawn from the wider region almost a third […]