2024-06-22 1:39 AM

Shop Falls Church 2019


Before you join the stampede to Black Friday sales, whether commencing on Thanksgiving Day itself, or Friday, Falls Church residents should at least consider the merits of the idea behind Small Business Saturday, and figure out how to fulfill holiday shopping impulses at local businesses right here in the Little City!

Beginning with this edition of the News-Press, readers can sort through advertisements of many local business to find the novel and creative ways to thrill loved ones over the holidays.

It’s fun, it’s very appreciated, and it’s self-serving, too. Consider the amount of time and money you’ll save not having to jet out to some giant shopping center somewhere. Consider how your shopping local will come back to you in the form of a sales tax that gets returned to the localities that collect them. Consider how your doing business locally buoys the local economy in other ways, too, including by increasing the buying power of local employees to put their dollars, from you, back into the local economy, themselves!

Besides, it’s all about the holiday spirit, and the glow that magnifies when one willfully acts to benefit and magnify the glow in another real person, someone you know or can get to know over time. You can’t do better than to deepen those bonds of community that derive from deciding to keep your holiday shopping dollars close to home.

And please, calm down and enjoy all those happy elements that go into to a real Thanksgiving, whether at your home, a friend’s or relatives’, or at a warm and friendly local restaurant.


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