Author: Nicholas F. Benton


Merelyn Kaye Feted With FCNP Lifetime Honor

The warmth of this special holiday season (special because it is a recovery from a year of pandemic lack) combined with this year’s milestone of the 30th anniversary of the Falls Church News-Press’ unbroken weekly publication, has compelled the News-Press to use this occasion to publicly announce and salute its first ever Lifetime Honoree, long-time Falls Church resident, local realtor par excellence and generous community leader Merelyn Kaye.

National Commentary

This Soup Called Our Universe

It has been disputed whether the comments attributed to the world’s foremost theoretical physicist Albert Einstein and quoted in this space a couple weeks ago are actually his, or the work of an imposter. Suffice it to say that if it’s the latter, we are genuinely sorry for contributing to the spread of misleading information. However, the quotes, which were reported as addressed to his daughter after many years’ being out of touch, bear an imprint of universality that, if Einstein did not actually make them, nonetheless qualify for profound words on the origins and purpose of the universe.

National Commentary

The Return to a Modicum of Normalcy

The best part of last week’s elections in the U.S. had a lot less to do with who actually won than with the very notion that they were normal. America went back to doing elections in the traditional manner, a great breath of fresh air in the aftermath of the suffocating atmosphere created by the relentless outrageous lying and coup designs of the repulsive orange one that came before.

Local Commentary

The Best Remedy For Extremism

The lead headline in yesterday’s Washington Post read, “U.S. School Officials Face Dark New Reality,” with the subhead, “Board Members Resign, Or Consider It, Amid Wave of Threats and Abuse.” The lengthy article by Hannah Natanson citing the patterns of intimidation and threats against school board members in Northern Virginia jurisdictions adjacent Falls Church and nationwide notes in conclusion that, “They’re not going to stop.”


Qualifications Expanded for Affordable Housing

Two key unanimous votes by the Falls Church City Council at its meeting Monday night are opening up the City for a more diverse population makeup. The unanimous 7-0 votes will now allow a wider participation of residents, removing language that requires applicants seeking to serve on City boards and commissions and to qualify for affordable housing to be “qualified voters of the City” and at least 18 instead of 21 years of age.