About Us

The Falls Church News-Press is an independent, locally-owned newspaper of record for the City of Falls Church, Virginia, a full member of the Virginia Press Association and certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia to publish official legal notices. The City of Falls Church is located inside the Washington, D.C. Beltway seven miles, “as the crow flies,” from the White House. 

Founded in March 1991 by ongoing owner and editor-in-chief Nicholas F. Benton, for almost 30 years it has published c.1,500 consecutive weekly editions carrier-delivered free to every household in the City of Falls Church and surrounding areas. It has twice been named Business of the Year in the City of Falls Church and Benton has been named its Businessman of the Year and twice named the “Pillar of the Community” by the local Chamber of Commerce.

A general-interest community newspaper, the Falls Church News-Press covers local news and events, functioning as a “glue” that binds the community together with vital information and healthy dialogues, as well as providing local businesses with an affordable tool to advance their enterprises through targeted advertising. Its readers are socially responsible and highly educated, routinely leading Virginia in voter turnout rates, and with a commitment to public service.

Areas of coverage include local government and school meetings, events, elections and town halls. The local business community is also the subject of a significant portion of coverage, including the local Chamber of Commerce. Civic organizations and volunteer bodies also receive ongoing attention in its print and web pages. It publishes a crime report provided by the police department, and editorials, commentaries and letters to the editor on a weekly basis.

Editorially, the News-Press advances a pro-equality and public education perspective that recognizes the need for robust economic development as a vital means to sustain that. Owner-editor Benton is a pioneer of the LGBT movement.

The Falls Church News-Press is published by the City of Falls Church-based and owned Benton Communications, Inc.