The LGBTQ+ Reach: August 24-30, 2023

66-Year Old Mother Of Nine Murdered For Flying Pride Flag

Last Friday 66-year old Laura Anne Carleson was shot and killed by 27-year old Travis Ikeguchi after Ikeguchi tore down the Pride flag hanging outside Carleson’s store, Mag.Pi. Ikeguchi was chased by police and, after he shot at the officers, was shot and killed. He had been posting homophobic tirades on social media recently, including a burning Pride flag.

Two Arrested In Separate US Rep. Death Threat Cases

Two men are arrested after allegedly issuing explicit and homophobic death threats against Rep. George Santos (R-NY) and an unnamed Texas Congresswoman, in two separate cases. In the case of the Texas Rep., Michael David Fox was arrested for making the threat, which accused the Rep. of being a secret satanist transgender pedophile. Fox apparently ran “forensic analysis” of the Congresswoman’s facial structure to come to his conclusions.

“I Wish I Knew How to Quit You,” Bud Light

After four months of pandering (following his… canicide?… where he shot up cases of the beer with an assault rifle), Kid Rock has been caught on camera drinking a can of Bud Light during a show. Perhaps someone let him know that Coors, Miller, and Michelob also have “woke” LGBTQ+ campaigns? Or that Busch and Natural Light, also owned by Anheuiser Busch, do? Or that Corona and Modelo are owned by Constellation Brands, a company with a perfect score on the HRC Corporate Equality index?

These boycotts are absurd and unprincipled, pointing haphazardly at any sign of kindness in society as evidence of a sudden “woke” invasion, when in fact Bud Light started its pro-LGBTQ+ marketing in earnest in the mid-1990s (starting with a “Be Yourself” ad campaign).

Orange Is The New Quack

Jessica Watkins, a transgender woman serving an eight and a half year sentence for her part in the January 6 insurrection, is rightfully upset.

Watkins, an Army veteran and one of 11 arrested “Oath Keepers” — believed to have played outsized roles in the event — allegedly recruited participants to be “fighting fit.”

Watkins has taken to X, formerly known as Twitter, to plead for members of Congress to intervene. She alleges she is being sent to a men’s prison, despite her identifying as female.

The problem is, she’s begging specifically to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA, who intentionally misgenders trans folk regularly), Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL, who said he couldn’t support trans rights because Donald Trump might call himself the first female President), and Jim Jordan (R-OH, who, despite allegations he ignored multiple claims of sexual abuse at Ohio State University, says locker rooms are made less safe when trans people can use the right one).

Ironically, liberals are far more likely to support her incarceration in the proper womens’ facility.

Trans Rights Heading For SCOTUS

Trans healthcare bans were blocked in Georgia and upheld in Alabama, just recent examples of disparities that will almost certainly result in the Supreme Court taking up issues of Trans rights on at least the healthcare front.

MO Town Buckles To ‘Anti-Woke’ Library Demands

John Josendale, Mayor of St. Joseph, Missouri, pulled the reappointment nomination of Brian Kirk from the town’s Library Board of Trustees, after pressure from right-wing activists. Kirk, a gay pastor at nearby First Christian Church, had served on the library’s board for three years, and caused no controversy, however opposition came in strong from the Buchanan County GOP chair, Steven Greiert, who wrote at least one city council member saying “this transgender and homosexual propaganda is pure evil” before threatening to retaliate against anybody supporting Kirk — by refusing to accept their filing fees, essentially blocking them from running for office again as Republicans.

Ryan Murphy Picking Scabs On AHS Season 12

American Horror Story: Delicate, the show’s 12th season, is in production despite the ongoing writers’ strike. Kim Kardashian, the season’s star, has been raked over the coals for crossing picket lines to film. Though everyone loves to hate on the 42-year old billionaire and her family, focus should remain on producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, who ultimately put the pressure on Kardashian to show up —- or miss out on what would be her most prominent actual acting role by far.