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2nd Annual Battle of Broad Street Brings Back Fun Food Competition

The Battle of Broad Street is back for its second year, and one lucky — or unlucky — barber will have a tattoo to show for it. 

The Battle of Broad Street, hosted at Harvey’s restaurant on June 15, will once again serve up a family-friendly food challenge involving five barbers from Neighborhood Barbershop and a tattoo artist from Mister Finster’s Tattoo Studio. Ten percent of sales made at the event will go to the Falls Church Education Foundation (FCEF). 

Harvey’s owner Thomas Harvey said he created The Battle of Broad Street a year ago after “falling in love with” Falls Church when first opening the restaurant and wanting to be a part of the community.

“Other business owners, residents and guests were coming in and just being helpful and nice,” Harvey said. “I wanted to be able to give back.” 

After speaking with the Neighborhood Barbershop about starting a charity event, Harvey said he came up with the idea of having the five barbers create five dishes and people can decide which they like the best. The item that sells the most gets tattooed on the person who’s item sold the least. The winner gets their creation on Harvey’s menu for the month of July. 

“From last year to this year, the [barbers] have put a little more thought into it,” Harvey said. “Last year it was a little bit more of them trying to be goofy and this year, they’re like ‘Oh wait, this is something we should actually try.’”

Local brewery Audacious Aleworks and local winery MetroCellars, which were featured at the event last year, will be back to serve drinks, with Harvey saying that he hopes the event will be an annual occurrence that can benefit the city and community. 

“I just like the fun of it,” Harvey said. “I’d like to get this going annually and absolutely keep it within Falls Church businesses to support Falls Church.”