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Beyer Calls Out Trump’s Latest Attack on Constitution

Saturday, Dec. 3 — U.S. Rep. Don Beyer of Falls Church and Northern Virginia issued the following statement today after former president Donald Trump called for “termination” of the Constitution so that he could be reinstated as president:

“Days after he hosted men who praise Hitler and the Nazis for dinner, Donald Trump is calling for ‘termination’ of the United States Constitution’s electoral process so that he can be illegally reinstated to power. Trump’s words and actions are well beyond the bounds of acceptable political discourse, they stoke hatred and political violence, and they are dangerous.

“Every Member of Congress swore an oath to ‘defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.’ Donald Trump has openly declared himself an enemy of the Constitution, and Republicans must repudiate him. You cannot remain loyal to the United States and the ideals on which this country was founded while supporting open subversion of the Constitution. This is a basic test of patriotism.”