2024-05-28 7:19 PM

As I walk around my neighborhood and into downtown Falls Church, I am becoming more and more concerned about the many trees that are being cut down: Hillwood Avenue, Berry Street, Route 7, E. Columbia at N. Van Buren, etc. One tree on Cherry Street between Hillwood and Route 7 was cut down last year, but that one was specifically labeled as diseased, so that was understandable. It just seems to my untrained eye that we are removing a lot of greenery this year.
Is there a plan for maintaining our trees? Do we still have a city arborist? Do residents need to obtain permission to cut down a tree or is it a case of ‘it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission’? Are there criteria for when tree removal is/is not allowed?
We pride ourselves on being environmentally sensitive, but each tree that is cut down means there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, more global warming, less oxygen.
Falls Church is still a beautiful town for walking, but who is ensuring it remains so?

David Heller
Falls Church





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